Our Process

From start to finish. 

Complete landscaping services

From initial consult to final handover, we manage the whole job for you from start to finish. You watch on and enjoy the process.


Once you contact us we make a time to meet at your site to discuss your needs. During your initial consult we will discuss how you want to use your space and what elements you want in the design. We will discuss garden style and layout, irrigation requirements and the needs of adults, kids and pets. We will also touch on plant selection. From here we go to the design stage.

Concept Plan Design

An initial concept plan will be developed and sent to you. You might like to make some changes during this stage until we get the overal plan as you want it. We discuss plant selection in more detail and look at options regarding irrigation.

Detailed Quote

You will be presented a detailed quote. A typical quote will be broken down in to items such as earthworks, hardscaping (walls, paving etc.), edging, soil amendment, irrigation, turf, plants and mulch. At this stage you let me know if you would like to go ahead or not. If so we move to the next stage.

Final Plans & Approval

A planting plan is now developed in detail and you are provided with the irrigation design. We work together to tweak the final design. Going through this process ensures that we are clear on what is being installed and that you get exactly what you want. If required adjustments to the quote are made and, once agreed on, we book your work in. From initial consultation to final approval generally takes between 2 and 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.

Complete Landscape Construction

We manage the whole job for you from start to finish. You watch on and enjoy the process. Our strength at project management will be clear to you through the construction – we`ve been doing it for a long time. We will liase with you during the project and manage all site personel. You may want to make some small changes as the job progresses and we will do our very best to  give you what you want. Generally our jobs take 1 to 4 week`s depending on size.

Completion & Hand Over

At completion we will hand the job over to you. This involves meeting on site, going through the retic and maintenance requirements and answering any questions you might have. We will send you an establishment and maintenance guide that will help you as you start caring for your new landscape. Watering is crucial initially, especially in the warmer months, and we will go in to great detail as to what is required. As the plants and lawn establish you may have questions and we will be available any time after construction to help out. We also offer warranty on all of our work should there be a problem down the track.